Matrix Athletic Academy

Developing Tomorrow's Athlete, Today!

Private / Semi-Private

Get the most out of your training by working directly with our performance coaches.  We will assess your current state, review your goals and determine what steps are needed to push you to the next level!  The very best in athletic performance!


Athletic Academy

Train in a group with 3 – 6 athletes to help motivate and push each other to your limits.  This approach is geared towards building overall athleticism yet can be tailored to each individual as needed.


Team Training

Win as a team, lose as a team, train as a team!  When you want the very best for your entire team, we bring them together and allow them to develop in unison!  Help to build trust in each other as you strive to improve your performance.

Join the Matrix Athletic Academy

Speak with us about the outcomes you would like to see accomplished within your sport and how we can help get you there!