Matrix of Motion Fitness Studios

Enjoy a truly unique exercise experience and workout in your very own studio!  With only 150 Elite Monthly Memberships available, you can now focus on YOU during your workout!

Personal Training and Kinesiology

Not sure where to start?  Recovering from an injury or surgery?  Or perhaps you want to prevent an injury in the first place.  Our team of Registered Kinesiologists and Exercise Professionals will work with you to help accomplish your goals.  We will tailor each exercise and workout to the needs of the individual providing you with the very best in fitness.  Achieving your best health requires much more than aimlessly lifting weights and running on a treadmill.  We will provide you with the necessary education, coaching and motivation to accomplish your goals in a safe and effective manner by utilizing our custom fit exercise approach.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

We get that life can be busy…work, kids, sports, more kids, social, oh, did we mention kids…so when you get a chance to spend time on yourself, you should expect the very best from your gym!  Matrix of Motion Fitness Studios is here to raise the bar.  We provide our members with industry-leading fitness equipment and studio gear in a clean, warm, and inviting space.  We are open 365 days a year with extended hours so we can work with your crazy schedule!

Business Excellence Award 2018 New Business of the Year Finalist, Newmarket Chamber of Commerce

Spirit of Success 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year and Excellence in Small Business recipient, East Gwillimbury Chamber of Commerce


Elite Monthly Membership

At Matrix of Motion Fitness Studios, we do things differently.  We are committed to offering you a comfortable, friendly and supportive environment to workout in!  With only 150 Elite Monthly Memberships available, we can assure you that you will never have to wait for another piece of equipment again.  Become an ELITE member today!


Matrix Athletic Academy

Our high-performance training program focuses on long-term development and encourages youth athletes to do their best.  Performing at a higher level than your opponent is crucial to success in any sport.  Using our comprehensive evaluations and Injury Prevention Strategy, we are able to pin point areas of weakness that need to be addressed to improve your performance.  We are developing tomorrow’s athlete, today!


Exercise Prescription

Exercise is more than just movement!  Each exercise that you perform needs to be designed to fit the needs of your body.  As such, we ensure that each movement is thoughtfully prepared and prescribed with your needs in mind.  We accomplish this by utilizing exercise in a strategic manner based on your limitations, while working towards a common end goal.  It’s time to make client defined exercise choices!



Our Kinesiologists are specialized in Muscle Activation Techniques which can help increase your rate of healing by addressing underlying muscular weaknesses.  These techniques will help identify specific areas of weakness that require neuro-muscular strengthening and create a more supported environment for your rehabilitation.


Isometric Training System

An isometric is a contraction that is generated but produces no visible movement.  Although the idea of isometrics is not inherently new, we do provide a refreshing take on enhancing the quality of a muscle contraction.  Matrix of Motion Fitness Studios is one of three facilities in Canada to offer a specific isometric training system utilizing the ISOPHIT to our clients!  Come experience it for yourself!

matrix [ma-trix, mey-triks]

noun, plural matrices

  1.  something that constitutes the place or point from which something else originates, takes form, or develops
  2.  an environment or material in which something develops

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